Faux Versetta Stone Siding: The Beauty of Traditional Stone Masonry

Faux Versetta Stone Siding: The Beauty of Traditional Stone Masonry
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Choose faux Versetta Stone siding panels from Stone Selex and bring into your home the unadulterated beauty of traditional masonry. The Versetta Stone System offers easy-to-install panels and universal corners, so that even a beginner can install them without any issues. They come in a rich palette inspired by places and textures around the world and in two stone styles: Ledgestone and Tight-cut.

Versetta Stone Siding is made of high quality cement-based lightweight materials and is designed to withstand the weather conditions in any climate and maintain its good appearance for as long as possible. This makes it a particularly suitable option for outdoor application – for exterior facades, chimney cladding, retaining walls, barbecue area, etc. This of course does not prevent it from being used successfully in the interior.

The two styles of Versetta Stone Siding System are inspired by a raw finish and true to life textures. Tight-cut Versetta Stone resembles the traditional look of quarried limestone and the typical type of masonry in the 19th century, and Ledgestone Versetta Stone has a rustic appeal with its rugged time-worn texture. With it you can quickly and easily change the look of virtually any wall, as the mortarless panels are designed for fast and easy installation by using mechanical fasteners.

Learn more about Versetta Stone faux stone siding system: https://stoneselex.com/Versetta-Stone-Siding

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