Polymer Stone Siding Panels - What it is and What Opportunities it Offers

Polymer Stone Siding Panels - What it is and What Opportunities it Offers
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Canyon Stone Canada offers to both residential and commercial clients three main types of polymer stone siding panels – dry stack stone, premium hand-cut and stacked stone.

What is polymer siding?

Polymer siding is a versatile product made of high quality polypropylene. Among its indisputable advantages is its durability, resistance to extreme temperatures and the fact that it requires virtually no maintenance once installed. It is lightweight and easy to install as it is shaped into interlocking panels.

What opportunities does polymer stone siding offer?

Thanks to the wide variety of styles, textures and colors, polymer siding provides great opportunities for builders and designers of residential and commercial buildings in terms of design and overall appearance. These faux stone panels are suitable for both interior and exterior use – from facades and plinths to accent walls, gazebos and more.

Canyon Stone Canada offers the following styles of polymer stone siding panels: Dry Stack Stone – Anthracite, Brown Stone, Flint, Basalt, Limestone, Travertine; Premium Hand-cut – Misty Beige, Smoke white and Shadow grey; Stacked Stone – Aspen, Mokka and Smoke Grey.

Choose the high quality and diverse polymer stone siding products of Canyon Stone Canada – browse them and visualize your project online: https://canyonstonecanada.com/polymer-stone-siding

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