Stucco and Stone - Eco Friendly Stucco Sidings, Stone Veneer, Brick Veneer, EIFS - High Quality at Affordable Price

Stucco and Stone - Eco Friendly Stucco Sidings, Stone Veneer, Brick Veneer, EIFS - High Quality at Affordable Price
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Stucco and Stone is a leading company based in Mississauga and specialized in eco-friendly energy efficient Stucco Sidings, EIFS and affordable, durable and attractive natural stone and brick alternatives – stone veneer and brick veneer. Its products are suitable both for renovation in order to increase the market price of the building, and when homeowners just want to improve the overall appearance of their house. All products are available in a wide range of colors, textures and shapes, so customers can easily find exactly what they need for their project.

What is stucco and EIFS?

Stucco is a traditional siding option, in which natural materials are used – in the most common case Portland cement, sand, water, limestone powder. The traditional stucco can be rendered smooth, coarse, raked, etc. It has many advantages – it is easy to color it with almost any paint, it is fire resistant, and energy efficient. However, it gets dirty easily, deforms at high and low temperatures, and its installation is time consuming and requires specialized skills.

EIFS (External Insulation and Finishing Systems) in turn is a more modern stucco option, which is similar to the traditional stucco, but contains artificial materials that further improve its insulating properties. It is lighter and more resistant to deformation and cracking, but is more expensive and more complicated to install. Stucco and Stone Company offers both options with the highest quality.

Why use stone veneer and brick veneer?

Stone and brick are among the most used and traditional building materials in human history. They have many undoubted advantages, but nowadays they are used less and less and give way to modern materials. Natural stone and brick are heavy and expensive, difficult to transport and install and require masonry skills. Stucco and Stone offers much more practical options – stone veneer and brick veneer. They are light, easy to install and perfectly resemble natural materials, retaining many of their advantages.

Stucco and Stone offers to its customers in GTA only products supplied by the most renowned manufacturers in the industry, which use the highest quality raw materials and the latest technologies. Visit the official website of the company to browse its product portfolio and visualize your project with EIFS, stucco, stone veneer or brick veneer:

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