For ages, fire has been a symbol of warmth, comfort, and security. A force of nature in a house or apartment – a fireplace – is the dream of many homeowners. What could be better than relaxing after a busy day in your cozy bedroom in front of the fireplace. When it is cold and a snowstorm is raging outside, it is so nice to enjoy the cheerful crackling of firewood and warm yourself with the heat of the living fire. 

There are several types of fireplaces, which differ from each other in the type of fuel used. Let us take a look at them in detail to help you choose the most suitable type for your bedroom. 

Fireplaces according to the type of fuel:

  • Wood. The firebox of the wood-burning fireplace can be open and closed with a heat-resistant glass. It can be made of brick or ceramic, cast-iron or steel. In order to successfully fit into the surrounding interior, you can face the fireplace with natural stone (marble, granite, sandstone), faux stone panels, ceramic tiles, etc.

    The wood-burning fireplace in the general case should be provided in the architectural design of the house with the appropriate calculations for the size of the firebox and smoke chamber, width and height of the chimney, etc. Much more problematic is the installation of a wood fireplace in a house that was not intended to have one. However, nothing is impossible if you have the desire and the right amount of money – then the only question is to find the right professionals to do it. Almost everywhere the installation of a wood-burning fireplace in a home located in an apartment building is prohibited. Even if it is admissible, it involves collecting a lot of certificates and permits for its installation. 
  • Gas. Gas fireplaces are probably the option that allows the fastest and most efficient heating of the room. They burn either methane or propane-butane mixture. The gas fireplaces differ from wood-burning ones in the design of the firebox, but also require a carefully thought-out installation of a chimney, and the connection to the gas supply. However, they are considered much safer to use. 
  • Electricity . The best option for a city apartment is an electric heater stylized as a fireplace. It does not require any special efforts from the homeowner: there is no open fire here – so there is no need for a chimney. The electric fireplace provides quick heating to a comfortable temperature, and also creates a cozy and romantic atmosphere in the bedroom. Electric fireplaces are wall-mounted (similar in thickness to a plasma TV) or floor-mounted. Some models use air filters that can capture dust particles from the air, which is important for people with allergies, young children, and those who simply care about their health. Thermostats allow you to automatically adjust the temperature in the room. In order to complete the resemblance to an open flame, manufacturers come up with various options for simulating fire, for example, silk ribbons waving under the influence of air combined with the respective illumination. 
  • Eco fuel. The flame in the eco-fireplaces is supported by the ambient air, there is no chimney as unnecessary, because when using eco-fuel, carbon dioxide is not emitted into the air. Live flames provide little heating effect compared to gas and wood-burning fireplaces. However, this type of fireplace is allowed for use in apartment buildings.
The combination of metal and glass elements of the fireplace with the overall calm design of the bedroom will make the room stylish without losing the sense of comfort.
Photo by Mueen Agherdien on Unsplash

How to place a fireplace in a room? You can place the fireplace in one of several ways:

  • Island – installing the fireplace in the center of the bedroom will allow it to heat the room better and maximize heat dissipation. 
  • Corner – placing the fireplace in the corner is suitable for a small room. It looks stylish, but a significant part of the heat is lost, and the room warms up unevenly. 
  • Wall – placement near or as a part of one of the walls will allow you to harmoniously fit the fireplace into the overall design of the room. However, some heat loss is possible. 

Do not forget that open fire is a source of danger, so you should place the fireplace at a distance of at least 2-3 yards from the bed, other pieces of furniture, upholstery, etc. in order to avoid accidental ignition. 

In addition to the type of fireplace and its location, of course it is important to choose the right style that fits best in the interior of your bedroom: 

  • Classic. As you know, the classics never go out of fashion. A classic fireplace will add elegance and charm to the bedroom. Choose simple, concise decor elements, aristocratic finishes, natural materials or good imitations. 
  • Minimalism. A certain asceticism, expressed in severity and modesty, will make it possible to focus on the flame, to draw attention to the fire as a source of warmth and life. 
  • Country. This style is mostly appropriate for a country house. The fireplace for such a room should reflect rural motifs, it can be faced with rough stone, etc. 
  • Modern. A large fireplace, located in the center of the room, using steel and glass elements. The combination of metal and glass elements of the fireplace with the overall calm design of the bedroom will make the room stylish without losing a sense of comfort. 
  • Provence. A popular style due to its softness and tenderness. It is perfect for a bedroom with a fireplace. Choose a fireplace facing in light or pastel shades, in decorative finishes, pay attention to graceful lines and floral motifs. The use of mantels is encouraged, on which candlesticks can be placed, photographs in elegant frames, which will perfectly complement the overall design of the bedroom in the French Provence style. 

With a well-chosen fireplace in terms of fuel, layout and style, your bedroom can become the preferred cozy retreat for a break from the hectic everyday life.


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