In a country house or sometimes even in the city there is a unique opportunity to create a secluded corner for relaxation and communication with nature. Each owner would decorate such a place in his own way. But it could be useful for many to know what a patio is, how to decorate it, what materials are best to use and what style to choose so that it looks stylish and cozy.

What is a patio? 

Patio is a Spanish word meaning “inner yard”. Usually this is a recreation area that allows you to spend some time relaxing. Therefore it should not only be beautiful, but also well equipped with everything you need. In the patio can be located almost anything that the owner’s imagination and budget allows – from a pool or a fish pond to a fire pit or even a hookah lounge. 

Before you start working on your patio, it is good to answer the following questions: what flooring you will use for the site; what will you place there; in what style do you want your patiо? All these decisions should be based on the preferences of the family members, on the location of the house, the specific climate and other factors. It would be nice to think in advance in what style it will be decorated. 

There are various types of patios, depending on what it will be used for. One of the most common options is the barbecue area. Obviously the focal point of such a patio is the fire pit or open fireplace, a dining table and chairs. You can complement the area with soft furniture and some plants. A canopy is a good addition that will allow the use of the patio even when it is raining. 

The patio with a pool area performs other functions. Here you can add a couple of sun loungers and small tables.If you also have a jacuzzi, the patio will turn into a wonderful spa area. Of course, green plants and flowers will be welcome. 

There are also different types of patios depending on where they are located. In a country house, the patio is usually in the backyard. As a rule, there are trees, shrubs, and flowers. It would be great if there is a small pond with fishes or turtles. A small decorative fountain would also be quite in place. 

If there is no sufficient free space on the site, you can build a place to relax near the entrance of the house. To do this, you only need to clear a small area and put some furniture, surrounded by plants. As a result, you will have a beautiful place for evening tea and morning coffee in the fresh air. 

In a flat roof home, a rooftop patio is a great option. There you can sunbathe, and install a small pool, create a dining area, and plant flowers. 

The patio – a secluded corner for relaxation and communication with nature.
Photo by Lindsey LaMont on Unsplash

We can also divide the types of patio by style and design: 

  • Rustic. For a small cottage, this style is a win-win option. It is enough to arrange a platform with a wooden floor and a canopy, put a table, a bench, add appropriate textiles – and a cozy corner is ready. If desired, you can install a stove. 
  • Provence. A patio with light wicker furniture, flowers in flower pots and hanging planters will be an ideal place for family and friends gatherings.
  • Scandinavian. Open space, not limited by walls, wooden floor and furniture, light flowing curtains, cozy sofas – everything will set you up for a serene rest both on a summer day and on a cool evening. 
  • Japanese. Low tables, wicker rugs, pillows on the floor, lanterns hanging from the ceiling, a babbling stream nearby, probably even a small japanese stone garden – this option will set you in a meditative mood, will allow you to feel harmony with yourself and the surrounding nature. 
  • Loft. Brickwork, a fireplace, the most simple furniture, perhaps a bar with high chairs, original lighting – all this will create a stylish space for parties with friends. 

The choice of materials for the patio is directly related to which style will be chosen. For a loft, hi-tech, minimalism, brick, stone, tile are suitable. For Provence, chalet, country, wood and decking will be an ideal choice. 

Any patio will look harmonious if you carefully think through all the design ideas, materials and decoration. You should take advantage of the surrounding natural elements of decor – stones, flowers, shrubs and trees. Junipers and roses look great next to such a zone. Grapes can twist the gazebo. Flowers are placed in vases and planters. A water source will add comfort: a waterfall, fountain, stream or pond. Do not forget that garden figurines corresponding to the style of the intended object can also be located here. Lighting also needs to be considered. Usually in such areas, night lights look very natural and harmonious. It is preferable to arrange a cozy, slightly subdued light that does not violate the magic of the evening. 

In this way, with more imagination and a little work you can turn the inner yard or other suitable area of your home into a cozy place for relaxation and connection with the surrounding nature, where you can relax from the hectic everyday life.


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