An interior design project is a specific work that involves creating the overall appearance of a room from scratch. But in order to just refresh a room, it is not necessary to invite a designer, you can often get by with some decoration or style changes. 

In the field of decoration and styling, trends are constantly emerging, both fleeting and long-lasting ones. They  usually change much faster than interior design trends. What trends are relevant now? 

A place of solitude 

Anti Trend: large shared spaces
Trend: micro-offices 

The pandemic has turned our apartments and houses into work zones, where different members of the household interfere with each other during video meetings, work and study from home. The last few years have set new problems and requirements for our homes. The priorities have changed, and it became clear that we need to adjust and look for new options. Some of these problems can be solved by decorating. 

Everyone who works and learns from home realizes the need for a place with a background suitable for video meetings, tolerable lighting and sound insulation. Amateurs and professional decorators have faced the task of turning into micro offices a variety of rooms in apartments and houses – living rooms, basements, balconies, garages and more. The specificity of each solution to such a task depends mainly on the occupation of the one who will use the room. For a creative person, for example, a creative environment, bright colors, motivational posters and other sources of inspiration are important. For an office worker, a clean space with a few splashes of color is better suited. 

The pandemic has turned our apartments and houses into work zones.
Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

Sensual Design 

Anti Trend: looking for a resource outside
Trend: creating our own world inside 

Two or three years ago, the world beyond the walls of our home was colorful, noisy, fast-paced, and changing. Most of the time, we spent our lives outside, returning to our homes only for a short time, mainly to get some rest or sleep. Recently, the restriction of our freedom has forced us to do almost everything locked in our homes, sometimes for days and weeks. For many people the world has shrunk to the size of a small apartment in the city. In order to survive mentally in this absurd situation, we had to create new worlds within our homes, filling them with lots of details where both textures and smells play an important role. We had to create a sensual design that would preserve the humanity within us, to preserve our connection with nature in some way and to nurture the memory of normal life. 

Grandma’s porcelain 

Anti Trend: impersonal items symbolizing social status
Trend: everything can be useful and give us emotions 

Very often we succumb to advertising pressure and fill our homes with things we are expected to own because they symbolize a certain social status. Very often they are completely impersonal and do not bring us positive emotion, they are indifferent to us, and sometimes we do not even like them. 

In recent years, in which we have remained locked up in our homes against our will and visits have been kept to a minimum, we have had the opportunity and the need to shake off the habit of using things we are simply expected to own. We began to pay attention to those that bring us positive emotion. It is the things you love that will make your life happier. If you like your grandma’s old fashioned porcelain set, then use it. Get rid of things that are neither useful nor joyful for you. The choice of decor elements is simple: they must support the psychological and emotional health of the homeowners, and nothing else. 

If you like your grandma’s old-fashioned porcelain set, then use it!
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

In terms of interior design and decoration, for many people the pandemic and the associated unprecedented restrictions on freedom of movement and the confinement of people in their homes for weeks and months have proved to be a kind of a blessing in disguise. It gave them the opportunity to pay more attention to the interior of their homes and turn them into a more functional, but also more cozy and relaxing place to live, which allows both efficient work and complete rest. Whether with more or less information from the Internet, or with the help of professional interior designers or decorators, many homeowners have completely transformed their homes for the better.


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