With today’s hectic pace of life, chronic lack of sleep and constant stress, very few people manage to look fresh and rested – even immediately after a vacation. We offer you some tips on how to change some details in your daily life and not only look, but also really feel fresher. Their implementation does not require much effort and time, but can make a serious difference. So what do we suggest you do to feel and look fresher and rested: 

Give up the phone in the evening 

Don’t use your phone, tablet, laptop in the evening, especially in the dark. According to the founder of the European Sleep Center in Paris, the sports doctor Francois Duforez, who studies human biorhythms, we seriously underestimate the impact of gadgets on our well-being and overall appearance. It is still hard for us to realize to what extent electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. drain our energy. In front of their glowing screens that block the melatonin production, our brain is simply not able to relax. Using them in the evening, especially in the dark, leads to serious disruption of the natural biological rhythm of both body and mind. 

Use overnight face mask 

The overnight face mask, also known as sleeping mask, originated in Asia, but is already widely adopted in the West – in Europe and North America. It is a cosmetic product that is applied to the face and left on overnight for improved skin hydration and refreshment. These products take beauty sleep to a new level, as they allow you to look fresh in the morning, even if you slept less than eight hours. Unlike other face masks, light night gels stay on the skin for hours and thus have the ability to practically seal the skin and hydrate it in depth while protecting it from pollutants. They successfully combine hydrating, soothing and exfoliating effects. 

Practice tongue and facial gymnastics

Carefully stretch your tongue as far forward and down as possible – this will reduce the signs of fatigue on your face. According to various specialists, facial gymnastics is an excellent way to improve microcirculation with simple exercises for the facial muscles – such as saying “oh” for example. They recommend that such simple exercises be done in a series of at least 5 repetitions. 

How to look fresher and rested - tips and tricks.
Change some details in your daily life to look and feel fresher!
Photo by Marcelo Matarazzo on Unsplash


Singing is just as beneficial as deep breathing or exercising in the fresh air. It alters breathing, improves mood and calms the mind. Thanks to this, the inflammatory processes in the skin decrease and it recovers much faster and better. So – sing at least twice a day – morning and evening or exercise outside or else breathe deeply. This is guaranteed to refresh your mind and body and hence your overall appearance. 

Practice ocular gymnastics

It reduces tension and visibly restores the radiance of your appearance. Close your eyes, put your index, middle and ring fingers on your eyelids. Make several circular movements, first clockwise, then counterclockwise. This stimulates blood circulation in the skin around the eyes. Put your palms on your eyes and again make several circular movements with them, first in one direction, then in the other direction. Put three fingers on your temples and make a few circular motions. This will reduce the stress. 

Do breathing exercises

Sit comfortably and concentrate on breathing. Breathe through your nose, following your own rhythm, and gradually lengthen the exhalation phase. Then breathe again in your natural rhythm. Such a gradual lengthening of the exhalation activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for rest and recovery of the body, and reduces the level of stress. Muscles relax, more oxygen enters them, blood circulation normalizes. Do this exercise for 3 minutes every time you notice that you are tense. 

Use makeup that creates a fresh effect

A professional makeup artist at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics recommends using beige shades, matte or with just a hint of pearl, brown eyeliner and mascara. Mascara is applied only to the upper lashes, and shadows or redness around the eyes are covered with a concealer with light-reflecting particles. Add a bit of pale blush – cream, not powder – to your cheekbones to highlight them when you smile.

So, practically without much effort and a lot of extra time, you can look much more rested and fresher than before. Just follow these few tips in your daily life and enjoy the positive change.


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