Skin recovery and renewal processes are periodically activated in the human body. It is important to try to provide your skin cells with the best conditions for regeneration and not make it difficult. This way you will enjoy radiant young skin for much longer. Removing make-up is not all that our skin needs before bed, according to some British cosmetologists. They are sure that skin youth can be extended with the help of a half-hour evening beauty ritual. It is enough to strictly follow these six rules. 

Proper facial cleansing 

Just wiping your face with a cotton pad soaked in makeup remover is not enough, because in this way you do not completely remove all impurities from the skin. That is why after removing makeup, you need to proceed to the next stage of cleansing. 

Use hydrophilic oil, which turns into a silky emulsion upon contact with water. As well as a cleansing cream, balm, gel or foam – choose the product according to your mood and the needs of your skin. The tonic will help to restore the acid-base balance of the skin. 

Experts advise to remove cosmetic products not by rinsing with water, but by using a soft towel – start from the roots of the hair and pass the towel with light pressure down the face to the base of the neck. Rinse the towel with slightly warm water and repeat the procedure as many times as necessary. This way, you will rid your skin of more toxins. 

Trust modern devices 

If you don’t like the idea of scrubbing your face with a towel, or you feel you need a deeper cleanse, you can use specialized facial cleansing brushes, marketed by various cosmetic companies. These act as mechanical exfoliators gently cleansing and exfoliating the skin without damaging it. They remove the dead skin cells and increase blood flow for a revitalized and young skin. 

Another option are the vibrating silicone face scrubbers, which are also effective, but have a gentler effect and are suitable for the treatment of very sensitive or thin, aging skin. In addition to cleaning, they also provide a gentle massage of the skin before going to bed. 

Balance the skin pH

The perfect acid-base balance for the skin of the face is between pH 4.7 – 5.5. In this range, we can talk about good-looking and young skin. At higher values, the environment is too alkaline and the skin is tight and dry. Lower values mean an overly acidic environment and hence oily skin prone to acne. 

You can easily monitor these values with test products in the form of small strips of paper that quickly show the corresponding result in the reaction after contact with the skin, but it’s also important to hydrate it and – once a week – exfoliate – with a towel, facial cleansing brush or vibrating silicone face scrubber and plant-based cosmetic products. 

Healthy body means healthy and young skin

The condition of the skin directly depends on what happens in our body. A balanced diet with a minimum amount of fatty, sweet, salty and spicy foods will prevent irritation, inflammation and acne. The health of your liver is very important, as it directly depends on whether your skin will retain its natural glow. 

You can help your body by drinking two glasses of aloe vera juice every day, which has a detoxifying, soothing and antibacterial effect that will also affect the condition of your skin. 

Skin care routines for young skin.
Your skin can look young for a long time. Just follow some simple skin care routines.
Photo by Autumn Goodman on Unsplash

Eye massage

Before applying eye cream and serum, be sure to massage this area for three minutes – this will improve blood circulation and relax the muscles. As a result, shadows and bags under the eyes will disappear or become much less visible, and tired and dry eyes will be relieved.  

The specialists recommend a combination of light pinching and tapping of the eyelids and circular massage and pressing of the area around the eyes until the pulse is felt.

Forehead massage 

The muscles that control the area between the eyebrows are called corrugators. These are small pyramidal muscles that can cause deeper or shallower, wider or narrower vertical glabellar lines. 

Try to spend five minutes every night massaging the forehead and the area between the eyebrows. Pinch and pull the skin gently between your fingers. It may be slightly painful, but it will help smooth out less stubborn wrinkles without medical aesthetic procedures. 

Thus, by following a few simple rules, you can maintain young skin for a long time without medical interventions.


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