Nowadays, the TV is an indispensable element of the living room of every home. More and more often, in addition to their main function, televisions begin to perform aesthetic functions in interior design. Thanks to new technologies, the dimensions and appearance of the TVs allow easier and more appropriate fitting into different styles and designs. These increasingly thin devices are often mounted directly on a specially designed TV accent wall, making the design of the wall itself increasingly important. At the same time, the ever-larger sizes of TVs naturally turn into a main detail of the interior design. If the layout of the wall behind them is chosen incorrectly in terms of color and texture, it could greatly worsen the overall appearance of the interior. 

Before starting the design of the TV accent wall, however, it is good to consider exactly where it will be located. For this purpose, it is good to take into account the following factors: 

  • The most practical and comfortable place for the TV 
  • The general color palette of the room 
  • The arrangement of the furniture in the room
  • The impact of external negative factors on the TV set 
  • And, of course, the adverse effect on the person from the radiation of the screen. 

Where would be the best place for the TV? 

You could mount the TV above a dresser or some other low piece of furniture. This is a very common option. Another widespread option is to place it opposite the dining area or sofa. Make sure the distance between the screen and viewers is large enough to be both safe and comfortable for viewing. The larger the screen, the greater this distance should be. The TV looks great above the fireplace, but in this case you have to be very careful about two things – one is the heating from the fireplace, which could damage the equipment, and the other is the size of the screen and the combustion chamber of the fireplace. Ideally, they should be close in size, otherwise one of these two essential elements will distract attention from the other. 

It is especially important not to install the TV near sources of excessive heat or strong light – the former will damage the TV and the latter will prevent viewers from seeing the screen well. For the same reason, it is not a good idea to mount the TV against a window. Direct sunlight is not a friend of electric appliances, and reflections from the window on the screen will prevent you from enjoying the TV shows. 

The TV looks great above the fireplace, but be very careful about the heat from the fire.
Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash

TV accent wall design

In interior design, of course, the only limits are the imagination and the options are practically endless, but we will look at just a few of the most popular options for TV accent wall design. 

  • Wallpaper. This is a practical, affordable and sometimes stylish material. With its help, it is easy to designate a specific area designed specifically for your TV, or cover the wall from the ceiling to the floor. The huge variety of patterns in which the wallpapers are available ensures that you will easily find one that fits perfectly with the rest of the interior. 
  • Interior paint. Interior paint allows you to achieve rich colors, is not expensive and lasts a long time. Here you have even more freedom of action than with wallpaper, as you choose the exact shade and possible shapes and patterns exactly as you need them. 
  • Textile. To bring coziness and comfort to the decor, textiles are used. Give preference to natural fabrics. The color and texture of the material should be in harmony especially with the furniture and the other fabric elements in the interior. 
  • Plaster. With decorative plaster, the wall can be given an extraordinary volume and texture. With its help, you can divide the wall into zones that differ in texture. In this way, you can easily allocate an area for mounting the TV. 
  • Brick or stone. These materials are probably the best option for TV wall decoration. A wall decorated with natural stone or brick, or faux stone or thin brick veneer is ideally combined with a fireplace. 

When choosing a color palette for the TV wall, remember that the shade should not be too saturated and flashy. The optimal palette of colors includes pastel colors – white, cream, beige, brown. If the size of the room allows, you can also choose black or other dark colors. 

The huge variety of patterns in which the wallpapers are available ensures that you will easily find one that fits perfectly with the rest of the interior.
Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

TV accent wall styles 

Any element should harmoniously blend into the style of the interior. In some interiors, the TV fits simply and easily on itself, but in others, you need to use additional elements. 

  • Classic. It is very difficult to achieve harmony between wall decoration in a classic style and a modern plasma TV. The strict forms and futuristic appearance of TVs contradict the main aspects of the classic style. To achieve harmony, frames with three-dimensional elements similar to those of classical paintings are often used. In this way, the TV fits more easily into baroque, rococo or empire interiors. Another option is a decorative stucco frame, directly formed on the wall and sometimes enhanced with copper, gold or silver patina. 
  • Provence. Delicate and cozy style. Wood paneling on the wall would be an excellent choice, executed in light pastel colors. Mount the TV in a simple frame of the same wood and decorate with some vintage items. 
  • Modern style. An extraordinary and bold style that successfully combines both modern and classic elements. The TV accent wall can be decorated in light or – conversely – bright colors, in contrast with the finish of the floor, ceiling and the other walls. The wall can have both a flat and a three-dimensional texture. Any modern TV will fit well in such a style, without the need for any additional elements. 
  • Minimalism. This is a style known for its rigor, conciseness and simplicity. The clear rectangular shape of a modern flat-panel TV will fit easily into the interior. The standard black color of the TV is universal and easily combined with any other colors. It is recommended to use wallpaper or paint for the TV accent wall. 
  • High tech. A style in which a modern plasma TV plays not only a functional, but also an important decorative role. It is an accent piece of the interior. The black color of the TV, the strict form, the glossy surface – all these aspects are characteristic of the high-tech style. As a decorative material for wall decoration, volumes, enamels and plastic glossy panels are used, the dimensions of which are several times larger than the dimensions of the TV. 
  • Loft. The perfect choice for this style is brick or stone wall. If the building suggests this, you can create an accent wall of exposed bricks. If tiva is not possible, you can use a variety of stone veneer or thin brick veneer – from natural or manufactured stone and brick. Use this cladding only on the TV accent wall to create dynamics in the interior. 

Mounting your TV on the wall is a practical and convenient way to save space in the room. This option also seriously reduces the harmful effects of TV radiation on humans. In addition, with the right choice of cladding and decorative elements, the TV wall can become the main accent of the interior of the room, regardless of its style.


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