The interior of the bedroom should create a feeling of calmness, comfort and warmth, so that the homeowners can take a quality rest after the tiring day. Although many of the modern styles also successfully perform this function, not a few people choose a chalet-style interior, which allows them to mentally transport themselves to the magical tranquility of the deserted slopes of the Alps. A soft and soothing color palette, beautiful but practical furniture, interesting and eye-catching details, natural materials – this is the chalet style. 

According to psychologists, the interior of the premises affects a person at a subconscious level and the way a person perceives it affects his mental health. This applies even more strongly to the bedroom, as it is the room for rest and recovery of body and mind. So when designing your bedroom interior, keep in mind that it should not only reflect your individual understanding of beauty and comfort, but also have a soothing and relaxing effect. Chalet style is an excellent option for this. There are some features that make it stand out from other interior design styles: 

  • Unobtrusive color palette – the chalet style does not allow too bright and obtrusive colors. Common for this style are soothing colors such as  gray, green, white, blue, pale yellow, brown, beige and the likes of them – in general, colors that are found in nature and are typical of the natural materials and decorations that are used in chalet-style interiors. They have a good effect on the human psyche at an unconscious level and provide a sense of calmness and comfort. 
  • A lot of wood – since the chalet style is a modern replica of the exterior and especially the interior of traditional mountain huts and alpine summer houses, the use of lots of wood for accents, furniture, etc. is its main characteristic. Usually, this makes the bedroom interior look both expensive and stylish. 
  • Stylish decoration with antique objects – an important moment in the design of a chalet-style interior is the harmonious inclusion in it of simple and stylish antique objects and accessories to give completeness and even more coziness. Rugs, embroidered cushions, wrought iron, fur plaid, deer antlers and any other items that bring the spirit of mountain lodges. 
  • Lots of lights – stylish wall sconces and floor lamps are an excellent choice for creating simple and yet elegant accents in a chalet-style bedroom interior. They also allow the main lighting in the room to be turned off, thus creating a more soothing and cozy atmosphere. 
  • Fireplace – a fireplace in the bedroom – be it electric or traditional – is always more than welcome when it comes to chalet-style interior. There is hardly anything else that brings with it such comfort and a feeling of a peaceful evening in the silence of the mountains. 
  • Interesting chandelier – if there is a chandelier in the chalet-style interior, then it should attract attention – whether it is an extremely simple forged structure or a bordering kitsch model of deer antlers. Light bulbs shaped like candles are almost always used. 
  • Simple furniture – simple and functional, but with a special “forest cabin” elegance – such furniture is best suited for a chalet interior. A lot of wood, soft upholstery, wrought iron, classic shapes – this is the best combination for such a bedroom. 
  • Unobtrusive integration of modern amenities – experts advise that all modern appliances and devices be skillfully concealed or combined with the interior so as not to spoil the general appearance and atmosphere. For example, the TV can be equipped with a rough wooden frame, which will harmoniously fit into the style. 
Chalet-style bedroom interior with lots of wood and stone.
Chalet-style interior is a great option for your bedroom.
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unslpash

It is important that the design of the bedroom takes into account who will use it and their specific needs – which requires paying special attention to certain nuances.

The design of a chalet-style interior of a children’s bedroom must include an area for games and entertainment, as well as a study area with appropriate lighting and ergonomic furniture. 

Professionals advise decorating the boy’s bedroom with darker and cooler colors. There can be some decorative touches as a carpet, cushions, bedspread, chair upholstery, etc. 

The bedroom for the girl should be supplemented with pale light accents. It is good – if possible – to be something airy, like curtains or a bed canopy. Or a carpet of the respective color on the wood floor. 

If a married couple wants to feel the atmosphere and comfort of a small cabin, where they can escape for a while from the noise and stress of modern hectic life, a chalet-style bedroom is a great option for them. Soothing colors, natural materials, unobtrusive furniture design, overall simplicity and coziness of the interior, typical of alpine houses, will help them relax quickly and have a quality rest. Some romantic accents such as candles, puffy blankets or a soft fur skin will contribute to the appropriate mood. 

A chalet-style bedroom can become a real haven of peace for its owners in which they can fully relax and enjoy their rest and sleep. Additional decoration can make the atmosphere even more comfortable, and the absence of unnecessary technological devices will allow them to escape from the world outside. Chalet-style interior is a great option for your bedroom.


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