High Quality Thin Brick Veneer at Affordable Price - Stone Selex

High Quality Thin Brick Veneer at Affordable Price - Stone Selex
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For centuries, and even today, brick is one of the most popular materials in construction. It is a special material that is both natural and man-made, combining purity and connection with nature with a controlled rectangular shape, allowing relatively easy work with it. It is no coincidence that many homeowners like brickwork and want it in their house. Today this is easier than ever, even in modern buildings that do not have brick walls – thanks to thin brick veneer offered by Stone Selex.

What is thin brick veneer and how does it differ from the real brick?

Thin brick veneer is a modern material that allows you to have the look of brick without the weight of it. It is used for cladding interior and exterior walls, entire facades, columns, kitchen islands and backsplashes, accent walls and others. It has many of the advantages of the whole brick without its main disadvantage – volume and weight.

That is why, although at first glance thin brick veneer usually does not seem cheaper than the whole brick, in the end the price in most cases comes out lower, because you save money on transport and installation. This product from Stone Selex comes as easy-to-install panels, suitable even for beginners who want to start a do-it-yourself project. In addition, they are available in different colors and textures, some of which you can not achieve in a natural way – for example, the appearance of an old brick, exposed for years to the elements.

Browse the website of Stone Selex to learn more about thin brick veneer and its varieties offered by the company: https://stoneselex.com/Thin-Brick-Veneer

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