Rocky Ledge Stone Veneer Series - Versatile Manufactured Ledgestone

Rocky Ledge Stone Veneer Series - Versatile Manufactured Ledgestone
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Rocky ledge stone veneer is a manufactured stone for both interior and exterior use, offered by Canyon Stone Canada.

Ledge stone

Ledge stone is a type of stacked stone masonry that emphasizes horizontal joints rather than vertical. The masonry consists of stone blocks shaped like parallelepipeds stacked one over the other. The edges of the individual stones are hammered. It can have mortar joints or dry stacked. Тhe name Ledge stone comes from “ledge” – a narrow piece of rock on the side of a cliff or mountain.

Rocky ledge stone veneer series

Canyon Stone Canada offers manufactured ledge stone veneer suitable for both interior and exterior rock walls and stone accents. It comes in a variety of colors to best meet your needs and requirements.

Ledgestone veneer is an excellent option as it has a much lower weight than natural stones, which facilitates transport and installation and saves costs. In addition, it has excellent aesthetic characteristics and fits well into different architectural and interior styles.

What is Rocky ledge stone veneer good for?
You can use ledgestone veneer from Canyon Stone Canada for fireplace facing, decorative columns, accent walls, kitchen backsplashes and islands, grill areas, house facades and even for accents or whole walls in the bathroom.

If you want to learn more about this product and find out what it is available in, visit the company’s official website:

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