Interior and Exterior Thin Brick Veneer by Canyon Stone Canada

Interior and Exterior Thin Brick Veneer by Canyon Stone Canada
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Discover the true variety of thin brick veneer in the large portfolio of Canyon Stone Canada!

What is thin brick veneer?

Brick veneer is a thin layer (typically up to 1 inch thick) of brick surface of artificial or natural origin. Unlike real bricks, it is not used for masonry and load-bearing structures, but for wall cladding.

Why use brick veneer?

Modern production technologies allow thin brick veneer to perfectly resemble the look and feel of real brickwork. At the same time, it is a lightweight product that is easy to install and in most cases does not require specialized masonry skills. So, if you like brick walls, but your house does not have them, this is the best option.

Where can you install thin brick veneer?

Brick veneer can be used not only for cladding facades. It can be used for interior walls, fireplace facing, kitchen backsplashes, to emphasize the openings of arches, doors and windows, around niches, shelves and other accents.

What are the advantages of brick veneer?

As already mentioned, thin brick veneer is much lighter than real bricks. This feature, together with its easy installation, further saves costs and reduces the price of the project. Unlike real brick, veneer has a protective coating that makes it resistant to moisture, thus not only providing additional insulation to the house, but also weather protection. In addition, these products come in different styles, colors and shapes, which makes it especially easy to choose and fit them into the existing style of almost every house. Canyon Stone Canada offers both interior and exterior thin brick veneer.

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