Interior Stone and Brick Accent Wall with Stone Veneer by Stone Selex

Interior Stone and Brick Accent Wall with Stone Veneer by Stone Selex
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Brick has been one of the most popular building materials for centuries. Nowadays, it is less and less used as a constructive material, but this does not mean that it has been forgotten. On the contrary – today it is increasingly used as a decorative element in the interior and exposed brick accent wall takes its place in the trends almost on a par with interior stone accent wall. Thanks to modern production technologies, brick veneer – similar to the especially popular stone veneer – closely resembles different types of real brick walls. This variety of quality lightweight materials, offered by Stone Selex gives great opportunities for interior designers and decorators to implement their ideas in virtually any home.

Once used mostly in bars, restaurants and industrial buildings, exposed brick accent walls are beginning to appear in private homes as eye-catching accents in living rooms, hallways, kitchens, and even bedrooms. Just like in interior stone accent walls, they are built easily and quickly with natural or manufactured brick veneer, which is extremely easy to install. The rich Stone Selex portfolio of different color shades and textures turn them into a versatile decorative element that easily fits in place in almost any interior style.

Natural and manufactured stone veneer panels, offered by Stone Selex are especially suitable for do-it-yourself projects. In just a few hours and without special tools, you can create a beautiful brick accent wall that will last. Quality brick veneer requires almost no maintenance and with proper selection according to the environment, will last for many years without changing its appearance and fading.

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