Limestone Rock Veneer for Exterior Cladding by Canyon Stone Canada

Limestone Rock Veneer for Exterior Cladding by Canyon Stone Canada
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Limestone is a carbonate sedimentary rock, composed mainly of calcite and aragonite. It is one of the most popular building materials in human history to this day. It is a strong and dense stone, a good choice for both interior and exterior cladding.

Canyon Stone Canada – one of the largest and most reliable providers of natural and manufactured stone veneer and thin brick veneer in the country – offers to its domestic and business customers high quality manufactured Tudor Limestone Rock Veneer. It is a particularly popular choice for exterior cladding for residential and commercial buildings.

As it is one of the most traditional and popular materials in building construction, it is easily combined with other materials on the facade and has a classic elegant appearance. Tudor Limestone Rock Veneer has many of the advantages of natural limestone without the main disadvantages of any natural stone – heavy weight and high cost. This manufactured stone veneer can be installed on practically any available facade construction without the need for additional reinforcement, as it does not load it with serious additional weight. The ease of installation makes it a suitable choice even for do-it-yourself projects.

Canyon Stone Canada offers Tudor Limestone Stone Veneer Series products in four color shades: Ash, Olive, Pearl and Sand. Browse the limestone rock veneer series online and visualize your project:

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