Natural Stone Veneer Made of Real Stone Quarried in Ontario

Natural Stone Veneer Made of Real Stone Quarried in Ontario
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It is not by chance that natural stone has been used as a building and facing material for millennia. It is an extremely dense and strong material that both looks attractive and is practical, as it has excellent insulating properties and wears extremely slowly. In most cases, natural stone is resistant to high temperatures and sudden temperature changes and is particularly suitable for fireplace facing and stove surrounds. Environmentally friendly and reliable, interior stone walls are wear-resistant, fire-resistant, mold-resistant and moisture-resistant. Undoubtedly, natural stone has many advantages, including its beautiful and noble appearance. However, like any material, it has its drawbacks. The main disadvantages of solid stone are its extremely high weight and price. That is why Canyon Stone Canada offers you a much lighter and more affordable option – natural stone veneer.

What is natural stone veneer?

Natural stone veneer is a thin layer (usually 1 to 2 inches thick) of natural stone. Therefore, this material is much lighter than solid stone. There is evidence of the use of stone veneer since the time of ancient Rome. Stone veneer is used for decorative cladding of exterior and interior walls, floors, fireplaces, stone accents, kitchen backsplashes and islands, and many more. However, it cannot be used to build solid structures.

In the portfolio of Canyon Stone Canada you can find a huge variety of natural stone veneer with three main types of texture: dimensionally cut stone, ashlar cut and rubble mix. Each natural stone veneer collection is a unique decorative mix of natural igneous and sedimentary rock, and other stone. This ensures that there are a wide selection of natural stone veneers to choose from – and they also come in numerous different color shades. In this way, regardless of the scale of your project, the type and style of the building, you can count on the company to offer and deliver the most suitable natural stone veneer for your project.

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