Reclaimed Wood Mantel - An Original Addition to Your Fireplace

Reclaimed Wood Mantel - An Original Addition to Your Fireplace
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The reclaimed wood mantel has become a popular trend in recent years. It is undoubtedly an original addition, which gives character to your fireplace.

What is a reclaimed wood mantel?

The fireplace mantel is an architectural element that originated in medieval times. Its main function at the time was rather pragmatic – to catch the excessive smoke and prevent it from entering the room. Over time, it evolved into a decorative element and one of the main carriers of the aesthetics and individuality of the fireplace.

The reclaimed wood mantel becomes part of the modern pursuit of recycling, while at the same time with its rustic charm symbolizes continuity and connection with tradition. As the name suggests, the mantels, offered by Stone Selex are made of reclaimed wood – old barn beams for example – which is given new life and function.

The unique reclaimed wood mantels offered by Stone Selex are treated and stained to be an eye-catching addition to your fireplace. You can successfully pair it with stone facing of any style, as the company also offers a wide variety of natural stone, manufactured stone veneer, and faux stone. Reclaimed wood mantels come in various wood types, heights, depths and lengths, providing not only a decorative accent, but also additional storage space for valuable and representative items and decorations.

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