Timber Ledgestone Faux Stone Panels for Exterior and Fireplace - Stone Selex

Timber Ledgestone Faux Stone Panels for Exterior and Fireplace - Stone Selex
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What is ledgestone?

Basically, ledgestone is a type of stonework utilizing horizontal joints which are more defined than the vertical ones. It is also known as stacked stone and is made of rectangular stripes of stone. Usually, ledgestone is used for wall cladding and fireplace facing, but the products, offered by Stone Selex are suitable also for other applications – such as exterior siding.

Timber ledgestone faux stone panels offered by Stone Selex come in a variety of colors to easily fit in any style. The panels look like many thin stripes of stone stacked together in a random way to form the pattern. They are lightweight and easy to install which, together with their attractive appearance, makes them a preferred option for many homeowners.

Stone Selex offers high-quality timber ledgestone faux stone panels that are especially suitable for exterior siding and for highlighting of plinths, foundations and other architectural elements. With them you can also create a stylish and beautiful stone fireplace, decorate a retaining wall, etc. They are available in a variety of colours to facilitate your choice and their combination with the overall style of your building and yard.

Take a look at the ledgestone faux stone panels, offered by the company: https://stoneselex.com/brick-and-stone/Timber-Ledgestone-0813

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