Large Selection of Natural Stone Veneer from a Trusted Supplier - Stone Selex

Large Selection of Natural Stone Veneer from a Trusted Supplier - Stone Selex
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Natural stone is an excellent building material – solid and durable – that mankind has been using for thousands of years. It is no coincidence that there are so many lovers of stone masonry among homeowners. Unfortunately, nowadays stone is becoming an increasingly expensive material, and builders who can work well with it – less and less. The good news is that there is an excellent alternative with most of the advantages and without the few disadvantages of solid stone – natural stone veneer, offered by Stone Selex.

What is natural stone veneer and what are its advantages?

Stone veneer is a relatively thin layer (usually one to two inches thick) that is used for cladding of walls, columns, fireplaces, arches and other architectural elements, but cannot be used to create load-bearing structures. There are traces of the use of natural stone veneer from centuries ago, but lately it has become increasingly popular as it allows people to experience the magic of stone masonry at an affordable price.

Due to the much lower weight compared to solid stone, natural stone veneer is easier to transport and handle, which further reduces the cost of buying and installing it. Its lightweight design also allows it to be installed on virtually any available structure, as it would not overload it. At the same time stone veneer retains many of the advantages of solid stone – durability, sustainability, diversity, etc.

The selection of natural stone veneer offered by Stone Selex is made of stone quarried in Ontario and Quebec. Each natural stone veneer blend contains a variety of stone types to provide different textured accents and color palettes. Browse the company’s website to see more:

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