Various Cobble Stone Products for Your Stone Veneer Project - Canyon Stone Canada

Various Cobble Stone Products for Your Stone Veneer Project - Canyon Stone Canada
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Cobblestone is a building material based on cobble-sized stones – larger than a pebble and smaller than a boulder – granite, limestone, or another stone type.

The Cobble Stone Series products offered by Canyon Stone Canada closely resemble classic hand-cut limestone. They are available in a variety of colors – Driftwod, Kentucky, Suede, and Coastal Sand. The manufactured cobblestone veneer is suitable for both interior and exterior use. Its sculpted texture looks good on stone accent walls, fireplaces, as facade siding, etc.

Modern production technologies, which use molds made of real stones, make the manufactured stone veneer resemble natural stone so well that it can be distinguished only from a really close distance. In this way, every homeowner could use at home a classic building material such as limestone, without suffering from its typical disadvantages – high cost and weight and difficult installation.

High quality products from the Cobble Stone Series are eye-catching, but at the same time practical, affordable, light and easy to install. Canyon Stone Canada offers its rich portfolio to large and small customers across the country through its many local dealers. The large distribution network allows you to view and select products on site. You can also do this online by visiting the official website of the company:

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