Reface Brick Fireplace with Stone Veneer from Stone Selex

Reface Brick Fireplace with Stone Veneer from Stone Selex
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Stone fireplace refacing with high-quality stone veneer from Stone Selex – affordable and good-looking option for old fireplaces.

Since ancient times, the fire in the hearth symbolizes life and security and brings comfort. This defines the role of the fireplace as a natural center of the home, which attracts everyone in the house. Hardly any homeowner can imagine anything more pleasant than family and friends gathered around the warmth of the flames on a cold winter evening.

That is why no one would be satisfied with an old and worn brick fireplace, whose best days are long gone. Of course, destroying the old fireplace and building a new one is complicated, unpleasant, dirty and last but not least – an expensive endeavor that not everyone would want to do. Fortunately, there is a much easier, faster and budget-friendly way to freshen up an old brick fireplace – reface it with stone veneer.

The high-quality stone veneer offered by Stone Selex is easy to install and provides almost endless possibilities for refreshing and redesigning the brick fireplace so that it fits perfectly into the interior of the room. You can choose from a variety of styles, textures and colors to have a more modern look with a stacked stone fireplace, for example, or to bet on the classic look with grouted stone.

Brick fireplace refacing with stone veneer is not only an aesthetic but also a practical solution, as research shows that a good-looking fireplace can increase the market price of the house by about 5%. Visualize your project online and choose faux or natural stone veneer by browsing the official website of Stone Selex:

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